Om Veera Knits  is engaged in manufacturing 100% cotton and blended knitted garments since 2006. It started with garment stitching unit with production capacity of 0.5 million pieces per annum and with a workforce of around 100 persons.

Over the period with sustainable business relationship, company always adopted the new changes in all spheres of business functions covering quality, production techniques, management practices and service approach towards society. Having felt the need of international markets in the areas of growing concerns of quality, environment and the social accountability and eager to respond to growing concerns about quality, environmental protection and social accountability, Om Veera Knits is in the process of acquiring ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, GOTS,,  FLO , WRAP, SEDEX & C-TPAT certifications. In the process, the company realized that the standards required for certification could only be met through greater control of upstream activities.           

Today the company supplies products to more than 10 customers worldwide. As a result, today company’s production capacity has reached to the level of  3 million pieces per annum with annual turn over 6 million US $ and with a workforce of 500 persons. The company produces all types of knitted garments, pyjama sets, innerwear etc., for men, women and children.           

Keeping in view of changing scenario,  the company management initiated proactive approach to face fierce global competition by way of reduction in operational cost, improvements in quality level and enhancement of productivity and work culture. Three-pronged approach was followed focusing on quality, environment and social issues.  As a result, company has been benefited in various aspects.           

Major improvements can be traced to both equipment / technology upgrading and new management practices (systems based approach, moving from batch to line production, standardizing processes, online monitoring, improving internal and external communication, focusing on customer satisfaction and human resource development), eradication of child and forced labour.


200 machines comprising of all types of latest overlock, flatlock and single needle machines.


The main objective of Om Veera Knits  is to Produce and Export Garments. Apart from the business activities, Om Veera Knits is also concerned about the social and environmental issues. With this in mind the following policies  have been framed.


Om Veera Knits  is committed to enhance the satisfaction of its valued customers by manufacturing and exporting the yarn and apparels to the agreed specification in time, developing the value added high profile garments, adhering to quality management system effectively and reviewing quality objectives periodically involving employees at all levels for continual improvement.


Om Veera Knits strives to achieve the goal of harmonious coexistence with the local community and to sustain and protect the environment by Evaluating current technology for waste minimization and attain the widest range of beneficial uses of the environment.

Endeavouring to work closely with the relevant statutory bodies to meet all applicable legislation and  seeking to make continual improvement of its performance in Environment, Health and Safety.

Encouraging the employees to strive to conform to the spirit of the  above and to develop and enrich environmental knowledge.

This policy statement confirms the management’s intention to create and implement sound environmental management practices and to encourage those with whom it does business to follow the same


Om Veera Knits is committed to social accountability issues by :           

Assuring that no part of the business operation, inadvertently or otherwise, supports the exploitation of labour, within its own company, its suppliers and in turn their supplier chain.

Focusing on the dual aim of enhancing both the personal well-being and work performance of the employee.

Committing to comply with national and other applicable legislations and the customer's code of conduct.

Improving its policy and procedures, on social accountability on a continuous basis, aiming primarily at improving the effectiveness and efficiency.

Seeking to influence others with whom it has a professional relationship in promoting SA8000 and Social Accountability.

The Company has documented its policy and procedures for SA and undertakes to promote and publicize Social Accountability

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