Corporate Social Responsibility

Om Veera Knits focuses on the upliftment of the deprived by enabling and empowering them. The organization is guided by basic principles of promoting sustainable development,  improving the Human Development Index through initiatives in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Om Veera Knits aims at poverty alleviation through empowerment of rural and semi-urban youth by creating capacities and empowering the youth by facilitating job oriented skills. It believes that harnessing the untapped potential of this sizable section of the society can bring about the socio-economic transformation in the country

Green contribution

With the increased felling of trees resulting in reduced rainfall, acid rain and depletion of ozone layer, Om Veera Knit’s concern on environment is tremendous. Om Veera Knits has contributed to the development of trees in and around Tirupur by planting 5,000 trees. The garden is an orchard with Mango trees, Teak plants, Amla trees, Coconut trees, Chickoo trees, tamarind trees,  and chilly plants. We belive in returning and thanking mother nature from which we have evolved.

Awareness Training Programme

Training forms an important part in improving the productivity, quality and skill of the workers. A number of job related training have been conducted. First the identification of need for a particular type of training is identified by the unit manager and conveyed to the training officer who in turn arranges for the specified training. Trained personnel from machinery manufacturers and suppliers are invited to give training to our labours in machinery handling and maintenance. Thus workers are tuned to the competent market requirements. These type of trainings also increase the morale and performance of the labours and activates their zeal to improve their performance. Apart from this, workers of lower level who have showed considerable improvement in their work are also promoted to the next higher level in appreciation of their work. This has also boosted the morale of the workers.

Camp Programmes

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Om Veera Knits conducts Blood donation camps. We tie up with hospitals to organise blood camps to help the poor to get free blood in times of emergency.Free eye camps are also conducted for the work force and the general public

Our Infrastructure

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OVK Collections

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